Proxymizer is distributed under the GNU Public License v2.


IP to country database is provided by It is released under its specific license (well, I guess it’s a specific one).

SOCKS and HTTP Proxy Component for .NET

Proxymizer uses and recommends the excellent Starksoft Proxy component for .NET, which can be found at Starksoft proxy component for .NET is released under BSD License.

Country flags

They are taken from Wikipedia, at All of them are in public domain.

Task scheduler

Proxymizer lazy dudes also added the new Task Scheduler for .NET, at This library is released under The Code Project Open License (CPOL) 1.02.

Developper’s friends

Of course, we are huge refactorers (not sure the word exists, but you have the idea), and this wouldn’t be as easy without our best friend:

Can’t code without

The best C# & VB.NET refactoring plugin for Visual Studio


Of course, Proxymizer does not endorse any illegal activity. If you country laws say “don’t do it”, respect them, just don’t do it.